About Us


My business was started in April 1988 out of a passionate hobby turned into an enterprise. I had just graduated from a two-year Horticulture/Landscaping College Diploma course and could hardly wait to start practicing what I had learned.

You see my real story started out actually around age 15 . My family and I were living in East-Flanders, Belgium, 45 minutes away from First World War ”Flanders Fields”. Behind our farmhouse, we had a fairly big vegetable garden. I was studying at the time at one of the best horticultural technical high schools in Belgium and started experimenting with growing evergreens and vegetables. I even impressed (or shocked) my mother when I build a small plastic Greenhouse supported by a frame made of willow tree branches, so I could grow tomatoes earlier that spring!

In 1980, at age 17, we moved as a family to Canada to restart a new farm life. My gardening hobby continued to grow. After six years of helping out on my parent’s new dairy farm, I told them that farming wasn’t for me. Haven taken an Adult Education Greenhouse Production winter course and working at a tree nursery for two summers, I decided to pursue my true passion by going to College in Ottawa.

Our business consists today of a small group of dedicated people, where attention to detail is a high priority. We always love a challenging project because we know we can learn from it. We have succeeded in large part because of your word of mouth referrals. It is quite common for us to have several customers in one street. There is one particular street in Ottawa where we started working in 1988 at one house and have been going there every year since, at one of our client’s places! I make it a habit from time to time to drop-in at a client’s property and see how our work stands up or just to take a few pictures. Often while there, I will trim some bush or tree, weed or tweak a waterfall in a stream.

Since 2006, we are focused more on water features after discovering several reliable manufacturers of professional water garden products. We also associated ourselves with several groups of professional industry recognized water garden contractors.

Dickson Falls, Fundy National Park New Brunswick

Dickson Falls, Fundy National Park, New Brunswick

Our inspiration comes from purity in nature. We have found water gardens to be the most rewarding facet of all segments of landscaping. We strongly believe now, that every homeowner or business place should have some kind of water feature whether it’s in a 10 ft by 10 ft space or a three-acre property because people will be drawn to it!

Your landscape artist,

Geert Meganck, Cert. H.&L.T.